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How to Save A Failing Business

Call in the Friendly Business Gurus!

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Don't go bust

If your business isn’t doing as well as it was or as well as it should, there are a few
areas to look at:


  • How friendly are they?
  • Are they still motivated?
  • Is there anything you
  • do that demotivates them?
  • Staff represent you and your business so they are a valuable asset that should be valued.
  • Good staff will move on if they are unhappy,
  • because they can.
  • Maybe they need refresher training.
  • Maybe they would like a development plan.
  • Hold one to one discussions and find out how they feel.
  • Also consider what physical impression they give, is personal hygiene an issue?

Your "Shop Front"...

  • If you have a physical premises, start by looking at your kerb appeal
  • Does it need a lick of paint or modernised signage?
  • Do people know you are trading or does it look closed or unappealing?
  • When you enter (does the front door open easily?)
  • What first impressions do customers get?
  • Is it clean and light?
  • Do you play music?
  • Is it the right volume and aimed at your target market?
  • If you sell clothes, are they neat and easy to look at or is it hard work, like a jumble sale?


  • Have you got your marketing and advertising right?
  • Do you have a social media presence?
  • Is it maintained and kept updated?
  • Could you sell your products online?
  • Have a look at Shopify for opening an online store
  • Do you run promotions or loyalty schemes (if appropriate for your business type)?
  • Are your prices still competitive?
  • Have you recently checked the competition?
  • Have you recently done any market research?
  • Are your customers after something different now?
  • Are you still sourcing products or materials from the best place?

Do you need to re brand and do a business make over?

Sam’s Office Services can visit your premises, physically or virtually and produce a report with advice on
areas for improvement and how to go about it.

We also work with various tradespeople, should you require this -

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